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Our centre offers a range of specialised services to PREPARE racehorses for track work, trials and racing; REVIVE racehorses after work; and TREAT and rehabilitate racehorses after injury.

Water Walkers

Our ten-horse, bi-directional water walkers offer a low-impact, high-resistance workout and an impressive list of safety features. These include non-slip flooring throughout, non-slip entrances/exits, manual

backing gates and a state of the art filtration system specifically designed for EquineTrain, to ensure the highest standards of hygiene for your horses.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness without excessive vascular strain;
  • Improved muscle tone and topline;
  • Reduced lower leg inflammation and soreness;
  • Increased circulation and tissue repair;
  • Efficient way to freshen horses with a change of scenery from stable life.


Located in our HorseGym, high-speed treadmills offer a low-impact, high-intensity workout without the added weight of a rider on board. To ensure horses’ safety, treadmills are recessed below ground, with

entry/exit points at ground level removing the need for ramps or steps. Clear, shatterproof MakralonⓇ windows allow the horse to be assessed at speed from all angles.
  • Practical alternative to track work;
  • Improved ability to assess performance and diagnose injury;
  • Reduced risk for horses with back or leg issues;
  • Controlled exercise in a safe environment;
  • Builds strength, condition and muscle tone.

Cold Spas

Located in our HorseGym, the equine hydrotherapy spas are a practical option for reducing inflammation in the legs of racehorses after work. Convenient for trainers and enjoyable for horses, the spa circulates chilled

salt water at a consistent 2 degrees celsius around the legs. To ensure horses’ safety, spas are recessed below ground, with entry/exit points at ground level removing the need for ramps or steps.
  • Significantly improved recovery times after work;
  • Reduced inflammation in lower limbs;
  • Reduced soreness and discomfort;
  • Increased mobility;
  • A productive way to freshen stabled horses.


Located in our HorseGym, the patented Zone Vortex Wave Therapy used in the TheraPlate, is delivered through a standing surface that emits a low-amplitude current while moving in a gentle orbital motion.

This causes muscles to rhythmically contract and release at a rate that is ideal for both conditioning and rehabilitation. To ensure horses’ safety, Theraplates are recessed below ground, with entry/exit points at ground level removing the need for ramps or steps.
  • Improved healing rate for soft-tissue injuries;
  • Enhanced muscle tone and relaxation;
  • Increased circulation, bone density and hoof growth;
  • Enjoyable, passive therapy for horses at all stages of training.


Our generously sized 16ft x 13ft stables are designed with the comfort and safety of working racehorses in mind. Featuring non-slip Stable Comfort Rubber Flooring, rubber lining on the walls, monitored

waterers and Porta-Grazers which give your horse access to a consistent supply of hay. Stables are available for in-house stays, short pre/post-race stays or longer stays during interstate/international campaigns.
  • Low-dust bedding;
  • Consistent access to water and hay;
  • Spacious dimensions;
  • Bright, social stable complex.

The Pakenham Racing Club is extremely excited to be partnering with EquineTrain, in what will be a unique range of horse training and rehabilitation services for owners and trainers, available on site. The multi-million dollar EquineTrain facility perfectly complements the club’s offer in regards to the ongoing development of horse training facilities at Pakenham racecourse”


The facilities at EquineTrain are designed with the safety and convenience of racehorses and trainers in mind. We encourage you to take advantage of the facilities we have available, to make your visit to the centre as comfortable and productive as possible.

Wash Bays

Prior to using our services, all horses are required to have their feet picked out and any sand, mud or dirt hosed off in one of our wash bays. This is vital to

ensure the highest standards of hygiene can be offered to all visitors to the centre, particularly as many of our services are water-based.

Wash bays are fitted with tie-up points, non-slip rubber flooring, rubber-lined walls and hot and cold water. They are available to all visitors to the centre, before and after their sessions.
  • Safe place for hosing horses;
  • Hot and cold water as required after treatment or exercise.

Tie Up Stalls + Transit Stables

If you need somewhere safe to attend to your horse before or after a session, our tie-up stalls and transit stables are available to all centre visitors.

Tie-up stalls are ideal for cross-tying when grooming, saddling or rugging. Stalls have non-slip rubber flooring and hanging rubber dividers to prevent kicking.

Transit stables are larger, fully enclosed areas with rubber-lined walls and non-slip rubber flooring. Transit stables are a safe option for grooming, saddling or rugging even the most highly-strung or anxious horse.
  • Safe areas for grooming, saddling and rugging;
  • Secure areas for highly-strung horses;
  • Convenient alternative to holding or walking horses.


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PREPARE, REVIVE and TREAT at the EquineTrain Centre

The EquineTrain Centre is well underway with many more state of the art services & facilities to come. To keep up to date with our latest news, developments and events, follow us on....

A bit about us

EquineTrain is a privately owned, state-of-the-art racehorse training and rehabilitation facility, servicing local and visiting trainers at Racing.com Park, home of Pakenham Racing Club and the future of Victorian Racing.

The Pakenham Racing Club’s vision for Racing.com Park included a training and rehabilitation facility on course. This has been realised with the establishment of the EquineTrain centre and its’ growing range of facilities, which combined with our unique location, sets us apart from any other centre in the country.

Our investment in the best equipment available, gives you access to the latest technology, capable of delivering programs to suit horses at every stage of their training.

We’re equipped to manage a high turnover of horses, on a walk-in, walk-out basis or for longer in-house stays if required. Our focus is on excellence and enabling the best possible outcome for every horse in our care.

If you’d like to find out more about how EquineTrain can help you keep your horses on track, contact us today for an obligation-free tour of the centre.

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